Parenting can be a challenge in two-parent households. After a divorce, those challenges are often exacerbated, even if the divorce is amicable and the parents fundamentally agree on how they wish to parent their children. For couples whose divorce is contentious, or who have trouble communicating effectively, co-parenting may prove even more difficult.

To this end, many parents turn to technology to help them navigate the (sometimes) choppy waters of post-divorce life. There are a number of apps available that can ease some of the frustrations parents feel, and help them remain focused on the best interests of their children.

Popular co-parenting apps

  • 2Houses. Two houses is a management app, and one of the more popular parenting apps available. It includes a management system for finances, the ability to share and synchronize an interactive parenting calendar, a bank of information with children’s contact info, medical records, and more, and an efficient and secure messaging system. Users are billed once a year.
  • Talking Parents. This app is focused on recording communication, and keeping those recordings safe. It offers users a way to ensure that recordings are unalterable, and to share those secure records with third parties. It also offers a shared calendar. Both parents must sign up for accounts in order for the app to work. Pricing varies depending on the level of service you need.
  • OurFamilyWizard. Our Family Wizard is a bit of a catch-all, offering a number of communication and management tools. Some of its features include an expense log, message board, journal, shared calendar, information bank for important documents, and third-party access for grandparents and other interested parties. It also offers a professional account for family lawyers, mental health practitioners, counselors, and other professionals, so that they may communicate with one or both parents. Per its website, “Courts in all 50 states trust OFW®” for co-parenting. Pricing varies based on the package, though the company offers waivers and military discounts. It is free for
  • Parentship. Parentship is designed to help co-parents coordinate and manage various challenges related to child-rearing in the aftermath of the divorce. A key feature of the app is the ability to set up a custom calendar that allows you to coordinate events without the need to text or call your former spouse. The app also features a digital document system designed to help you keep track of and share important documents. It allows users to pay on an annual or month-by-month basis.

Features to look for in co-parenting apps

Parents should consider multiple factors when choosing an app, including the platforms and devices the apps use, the technological capabilities of the parents, the relationship between the parents, the available budgets of each parent, and the likelihood the parents will use the app. Parents should also review the tools available from each program to see if they are customizable, or if they are needed. Most apps, including ones not listed here, offer some variation of:

  • Payment and expense tracking tools
  • Payment transfer tools
  • Message boards for parents
  • Calendars with tools to record upcoming events, create parenting schedules, and request changes (or trades) in allotted parenting time
  • Message recording, including timestamps, storage, and transcript services
  • Records of important family information, such as Social Security numbers, medical insurance information, school contact information, and more

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