Not many people understand the financial implications of separation or divorce. What’s supposed to mark the beginning of a new chapter may introduce more financial burden to one spouse over the other.

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Reality sinks in when the court orders the higher-earning spouse to make alimony payments to the disadvantaged one.The amount could be up to 30% of the income for a period that’s roughly half the duration of the marriage.

Spousal Maintenance Or Not

State law in Tennessee does not assure that the disadvantaged spouse will receive spousal maintenance support after a divorce completes. The onus is for the judge to review each case and the circumstances surrounding it before they award alimony. With over 40 years of experience in handling spousal maintenance cases, our alimony attorney in Knoxville can furnish the courts with essential information that will justify a temporary or lifetime alimony.

Alimony law is often misunderstood, and the fact that it changes periodically makes it even more confusing for spouses who are seeking alimony payments. Schedule a free initial consultation if you need help or guidance. Our friendly lawyers in Knoxville, TN, will listen and guide you through the strategies that could win you maximum spousal maintenance.

Why Do Tennessee Courts Award Alimony?

Across Tennessee, the courts consider spousal support as a way for an underprivileged spouse to get temporary or permanent life assistance so that he or she can enjoy the same quality of life as they had in marriage. However, they have to show the court that they genuinely need alimony because they’re unable to sustain themselves. That’s where our alimony payment lawyers come in.

We’ll obtain all the necessary information, which the court will use to decide the following:

  • Providing short-term financial support until the spouse gets a job
  • Catering to the education of the underemployed spouse to make them employable
  • Equalizing the income for both spouses where one spouse earns more than the other
  • Accommodating special needs or needs based on the applicant’s age or health
  • Taking care of the needs of children who require one parent to stay at home

No matter the situation, our alimony attorney in Knoxville can argue your case for you so you can get alimony payments following a divorce. Where justified, we’ll push for a 50-50 split in income. We aim to ensure that you don’t get the short end of the stick when the court makes a ruling for spousal maintenance after divorce.

To build a strong case, we’ll need you to supply us with all the relevant information before and after your married life to ensure you get a just settlement.

Types Of Alimony Payments In Knoxville

Before you file for spousal maintenance, you should understand all the existing models of alimonies and the circumstances under which the state awards them. Tennessee law recognizes four types of alimony payments. These are:

Rehabilitative alimony: As the name suggests, rehabilitative is meant to restore the earning potential of a disadvantaged spouse. Tennessee courts may grant it to a spouse who seeks to enroll for a degree or get certification for a particular profession or work.

Alimony in future: Courts award this alimony to a spouse who previously enjoyed a higher standard but can no longer do so because they can’t get comparable earnings anymore. The privileged or high earning spouse has to pay the underprivileged spousal maintenance until he or she remarries or dies, or until the court terminates it. The amount is fixed and paid at set intervals. It is sometimes awarded alongside rehabilitative alimony.

Transitional alimony: This is temporary spousal maintenance that’s meant to help the underprivileged spouse adjust their life after divorce is finalized. The spouse would be capable of self-support and not need rehabilitative alimony.

Alimony in Solido: A fixed type of alimony that requires the higher earning spouse to pay the unemployed spouse even if he or she remarries or dies. The spouse who’s paying cannot modify the set amount, though he or she can pay in installments or a lump sum.

Alimony Reduction And Termination

Under Tennessee Law, a court can reduce or scrap alimony payments if the higher-earning spouse proves a significant “change of circumstances.” Co-habitation is a significant factor in decreasing or ending your alimony. However, before the court makes a ruling, it first has to determine whether or not a casual husband and wife relationship exists.

Some of the things the court might want to know include:

  • Duration of the relationship
  • Time spent by couples/spouses
  • Daily routine and activities
  • The existence of personal affairs
  • If ex-spouses spend a vacation with a new spouse

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Call 865-999-0366 to speak withan experienced alimony attorney in Knoxville, TN. Our skilled lawyer can help you file for spousal maintenance or a review of the existing alimony so that the courts can increase the amount you will receive.

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