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Divorce is messy and painful for adults, but the truth is that children suffer the most, especially when a parent neglects to take responsibility for their wellbeing or welfare. If no agreement is reached, the custodial parent may have to shoulder the burden that comes with raising kids.

Painful as it may be, divorce doesn’t have to be disorderly, leaving your children vulnerable and destitute. With the help of an astute child support attorney in Knoxville, TN, you can secure the future of your children by ensuring that they get the all the financial support they need for their education, healthcare, and provisions.

Understanding Child Custody Payments

Whether you’re married or not, the law in Tennessee requires the non-custodial parent to contribute child support payments to the custodial parent. So, if your ex-spouse shuns their financial responsibility toward his or her kids, you can file a child support case or append it in your divorce filing.

Some parents go through the motions of child support without understanding the factors that affect their case or how payments are determined. In such cases,the non-custodial parents may find themselves paying more or less towards child support. That could mean that the parent who has custody of the kids may miss out on some of the benefits that their kids are supposed to enjoy.

Why You Need A Child Support Lawyer In Knoxville

Spouses who are parting ways either through mutual separation or divorce often rely on Family Law courts to resolve child support disputes. While the court interprets issues and gives direction, a child support payment attorney helps spouses to:

  • Navigate the legal system and show that your children need financial assistance
  • Guide you through all the necessary legal paperwork
  • Reach an agreement with the non-custodial parent regarding child support payments
  • Follow child support guidelines and help the court arrive at a just support amount
  • Advice on and handling of the allegation of failure to make child support payments
  • Defend child support petitions that have been filed by another party
  • Push for the enforcement of child support orders
  • Investigate, gather evidence, and present your child’s history of monthly expenses, custody arrangements,
  • medical care, and any special needs, among other things.

With over a decade of experience arguing cases, our child support attorney in Knoxville has what it takes to steer your case in the right direction so you can finally reduce the financial burden of raising your child on your own.

What Should I Expect From A Child Custody Case?

If you and the ex-spouse or the non-custodial parent reach an out-of-court settlement, the child custody process will be both short and less costly. But if you choose to go to court, the judge will look at who is willing and able to take care of the child and grant that person custody. Where the court deems both parents as capable, you’ll have joint custody and give directions on the same. Our child custody attorneys will do the best they can to ensure the court proceedings remain peaceful and that the outcome is fair to both parties.

Get A Just Share Of Child Support Payments

Every custodial parent who files a child support payment case has one objective in mind, and that is to get the maximum financial support possible for their kids. Sometimes, the Family Law court may include benefits such as daycare, health insurance, tuition fees, and recreation or sports. However, all these have to be done in consideration of Tennessee child support guidelines.

Some of the critical factors that the courts look at include, the income of both parents, the number of dependents, and how much a non-custodial parent ought to contribute to the other parent every month. Getting past this stage may seem daunting at first. However, when you have an experienced child support attorney by your side, you will have confidence that your child will receive more financial support and enjoy the best standard of living.

Enforcing Child Support Orders In Knoxville

Should a non-custodial parent refuse or fail to pay child support after a court has made a ruling, he or she can face either a fine, jail time or both. The Department of Human Services will assist you in tracking down the missing parent and enforcing the court order. Where necessary, the officers from the department will garnish payment from the absent parent’s wages towards child support.

Talk To A Child Support Attorney In Knoxville

Don’t let a dispute with your ex-spouse regarding child support result in a fist fight. Call 865-999-0366 today and discuss your child support payments with our trustworthy attorney in Knoxville, TN. Our attorney will answer your child support questions and help you with your case.

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