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Family Law

Family Law is always emotionally charged. No matter what your circumstances are, you need a dedicated and smart lawyer to navigate you through your sensitive and personal legal issue(s); someone who can understand you and take the time to educate you on the processes as they happen.

Divorce Law

An uncontested divorce happens when you, as a couple, can reach an agreement on the distribution of your belongings, time with your children and alimony. Divorce is in no way easy, no matter how amicable, but this is an excellent choice for people who want to move on without a


Family Law / Divorce

Family Law is always emotionally charged. No matter what your circumstances are, you need a dedicated and smart lawyer to navigate you through your sensitive and personal legal issue(s); someone who can understand you and take the time to educate you on the processes as they happen.

Estate Planning

Chances are you have worked hard for your assets and investments over the course of your life, and now you want to distribute them equitably while you still have a say in the matter. Without an effective estate plan, you risk losing controlof your assets and throwing your family into confusion after you pass away.

Personal Injury

Most people do not intentionally injure others, even in accidents. But when you suffer injuries due the negligence of others, you have the right to pursue compensation from all liable parties. If your injuries are relatively minor, you can often file an insurance claim to recover the expenses.

Criminal Defense

Having a criminal conviction on your record can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Not only will it generate judgment and embarrassment from your family and friends, but it will also make it more difficult to get a job or gain approval for rental housing.



Kevin W. Shepherd


I started my career as a Public Defender and working in the office of the District Attorney. I have always loved the law, and I got into this line of work because I wanted to help people. The legal system is often complicated, even more so because it’s always changing. Most people can’t keep up, and that’s why they need attorneys like me.


Elizabeth Maxey Long


My legal career started in Richmond, Virginia back in 2007 when I worked as a family law attorney. I continued my focus on family law when I moved to Tennessee in 2009 and furthered my practice when I joined the Shepherd & Long, PC team in 2017.



With almost three decades of service

Shepherd & Long, PC Is A Law Firm Serving The Knoxville, TN Area – We Practice Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, Personal Injury, And Family And Divorce Law.

The Most Passionate Full-Service Attorneys In Blount County And East Tennessee

Life often gets complicated – even more so when the law gets involved. However, having someone on your side to untangle a complicated legal situation with expertise will make everything much more manageable.

I’m Kevin Shepherd, an attorney in Knoxville, Tennessee, and this is precisely why I started my practice. My goal is to help you get through a difficult situation seamlessly. With over forty years of collective experience, my team can handle your issues with passion and dedication, reaching the best outcome possible.

Please think of us as friends; we will listen carefully and use all our resources, knowledge, and experience to solve your problems.

Offering A Wide Range Of Legal Services

Family law and other legal areas require attention and a more personalized approach to clients. This is what we always aim for; combining our love for this line of work, with our care for our clients and our extensive knowledge and legal skills.

We can help you in the following areas:


Divorce is one of the more challenging areas to deal with because it’s not just a job when a family is involved. We understand all the emotional aspects that come with this trying time, whether contested or uncontested. We aim for sensible solutions that benefit the entire family, addressing the legal and emotional needs of our clients.

After many years of being a successful divorce attorney, I know that family comes first and that we should always remain focused on reconciliation. Where possible, my team and I will help legally stop the proceedings to instead move forward with a mutual resolution for all parties involved.

We have been acting as a mediator for years and have proven successful in negotiating the terms between two parties countless times, and have worked hard to protect the rights of our clients when mediation isn’t an option.

Children are the most critical aspect of these proceedings, and we make sure that both parents get an equal chance of maintaining a relationship with them by working on mutual agreements.

Criminal Defense

Our law firm believes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and should have an equal right to fight for their freedom. So, we are here to help with various criminal issues.

We deal with traffic and speeding violations, DUI convictions and fines to help you reduce the consequences on your driving record. We are also skilled at defending people facing more serious charges like a felony or drug crime.

People who get accused of serious crimes feel abandoned and alone. These claims can have severe consequences for their personal and professional life, including loss of job, or even worse, family. They are also angry and confused, especially if they have been wrongfully accused.

However, we can tell you that you are not alone. In all our years of legal service in this community, we have seen many cases, and we understand you. If you are facing any charges, contact us to get professional help from a dedicated legal team.

We’ll listen, and we will do our best to help you clear your name.

Estate Planning

Securing your legacy and hard-earned money is no easy feat. If you want to do it properly and make sure it gets dispersed as you intended, we are here to offer the best estate planning services in Knoxville. We cover everything from power of attorney, to wills and trusts. Also, we will protect you from various issues that can arise during this process.

When you work with us on creating your will, you can rest assured that you will get the best legal counsel for creating a complete and comprehensible last testament that will leave your family members with a good future. You’ll be at peace knowing that there will be no disputes or issues after your passing.

Our legal team will ensure that the probate period goes smoothly as well.

We work with clients on creating trusts for their family members so that you can keep them secured after your death. Our law firm will help with the power of attorney appointment as well as a business succession plan that will allow you to preserve your wealth for generations to come.

You won’t have to worry about the complicated details of this process; we will oversee all aspects and provide legal counsel that will let you make informed decisions on what’s best for your loved ones.

These decisions shouldn’t be neglected. Instead, they should but carefully thought over and discussed with a legal support team.

Personal Injury

Injuries happen all the time, but when they occur because of someone else, that’s when your legal team must act. A personal injury is when someone hurts either your body, feelings or mind because of negligence or reckless behavior.

Our law firm will hire the best investigative professionals and work with you to figure out all the details of your injury, gathering the necessary evidence to help you win. Let us handle the legal issues, and you can focus on recovering.

Whether you live in Madisonville, Oak Ridge, Lenoir City or anywhere else in Knox or Blount County, we are here for you.

If you have had a car accident, gotten hurt by a product or anything similar, you should call us, and we can talk about the next steps of going against the entity that caused your injury.
Our experienced team can help you get appropriate financial compensation with effective legal actions.

Family Law

The laws concerning family issues related to children are clear in Tennessee. However, we don’t take the cookie-cutter approach and adapt your case to a template. We listen and pay attention to your specific needs and desired outcomes.

This is what makes us different from other attorneys in the area; our legal team is proficient in getting the most essential details and using them to provide you with appropriate advice on legal actions.

We will protect your best interests and rights while supporting you through child custody and support, adoption and other family issues. You can rely on us.


Shepherd & Long, PC is located in Maryville, TN and serves clients in and around Rockford, Walland, Alcoa, Louisville and Blount County.

*Attorney Advertising. This website is designed for general information only. The information presented at this site should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship.


We Value Your Needs

We are a small practice, but a dedicated one.

Our goal is always to provide personalized care to our patrons with an emphasis on all the emotional aspects and individual needs of each person. What better way to do that than with a small, professional team?

We get involved with our clients and their families; their legal issues become ours, and we fight passionately until we achieve the best outcome for them. Our process is streamlined and straightforward, so it causes the least amount of stress for our clients.
We will listen, we will care, and we will work hard to give you the best legal assistance in Knoxville, Tennessee.

You have many different legal options, and we will tell you all about them. We can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all possible scenarios and advise you on the next best steps, regardless of your legal situation. We will help you make the most informed decisions and do our best to get you to a good outcome.

Need Expert Legal Service In Knoxville, Tennessee? Contact Shepherd & Long, PC

Unlike many other attorneys, we take a holistic approach to our clients. We realize that not every person is the same and that not every person wants the same outcome. Every patron that comes through our door is different, and the legal problems that go with them are as well.

Because of that, our team works closely with each client to find the most suitable solutions for them. Even if you are going up against powerful opponents, we’ve got what it takes to help you reach your goals.

Protecting your interests is our most important mission.

Skilled Legal Counsel In Tennessee

If you ever find yourself in need of counsel for family law, divorce, personal injury, or criminal defense in Tennessee, the Shepherd & Long, PC team is here for you. You can reach us online through a contact form on this website or by calling us on 865-999-0366.

Please feel free to set up a meeting with us or ask a quick question related to your legal issues. We’ll be here to listen and offer the best legal service in Knoxville and all of Eastern Tennessee.

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What our Customers say

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Leslie Lolley

Sam Tipton helped me out with a traffic violation I received while vacationing in the area. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of assistance. A+... read more

Ian Avatar

Kevin Shepherd helped my family with a heartwrenching custody case. He was compassionate and professional. We could not have asked for a better attorney.

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danielle kennedy

We hired Kevin Shepherd and Associates to take our family law case after a free consultation. From the start and through to the end, we were pleased with the professionalism... read more

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cally robbins

My wife and I needed a lawyer who would represent our case fairly and honestly, while keeping her best interest at heart. Kevin was in communication with us when necessary,... read more

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Aaron. Lolley

So, glad that my case got transferred over to Kevin Shepherd. From the first moment I met Kevin I could tell that this experience was going to be way... read more

Casey Dawson Avatar
Casey Dawson
  • Joey Fife told me about you!

    Kayli Jones Avatar
    Kayli Jones

    My wife and I needed a lawyer who would represent our case fairly and honestly, while keeping her best interest at heart. Kevin was in communication with us when necessary,... read more

    Aaron Lolley Avatar
    Aaron Lolley

    Joey Fife told me about you

    Angie Natal Avatar
    Angie Natal
  • Kevin just closed a very difficult case for me. He was diligent and very professional in his approach on how to take the next step and always had a calming... read more

    Mark Murphy Avatar
    Mark Murphy

    Kevin Shepherd Helped me through the darkest time in my life. Fighting for what was best for my children. Always honest and helpful. My daughters are now 28/33 year... read more

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    Jeffrey Lee Fleenor

    I hired Shepherd and Associates to handle a family matter. I am pleased Kevin Shepard was able to get the case dismissed.

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    Matt Wates
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    Cathy Hilliard

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    Cally Wates

    Joey Fife recommended you!

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    Kim Brewer
  • Where do I start? Kevin and his team (Ericka, this is also singing your praise) are wonderful people. In this line of work and the types of things we had... read more

    Leslie Lolley Avatar
    Leslie Lolley

    Kevin and his team are excellent! He was there through the absolute toughest time in my life and worked diligently to get the outcome I longed for. He is not... read more

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    Stacy Young Carter

    Above and beyond! Kevin and his staff are incredible. Any legal issue, I would highly recommend. Thank you Kevin, Erika, Sam and all.

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    Maria Reed Stephens
  • Joey Fife told me about you.

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    Kim Starling

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