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Maryville Criminal Defense Attorneys Representing College Students

Helping Students Attending School In Tennessee Who Are Charged With A Crime

The college years should be some of the best years in a young person’s life. They get to experience freedom for the first time away from their parents. They get to make decisions. And they get to set their own rules. However, too many college students wind up getting in trouble when away from home for the first time. Whether they face underage drinking violations, DUIs, theft charges, sex crime charges, or any other crime, you must speak to an experienced Maryville college student representation attorney.

The Shepherd & Long team has decades of experience representing college students in Maryville and throughout East Tennessee when faced with various criminal charges. Many of the legal problems mentioned are unique to young college students who might not have ever experienced a run-in with the law. To make matters more confusing, federal laws are constantly changing. Contact us today to discuss your college student’s legal issues.

Violations Of Your Child’s College Code Of Conduct

Every college or university, public or private, has a code of conduct for its students. Each of these codes of conduct differs from one school to the next, but there is one constant – a violation of your child’s college code can lead to disruptions in their education, a criminal record, and a dim future. These codes of conduct discuss hundreds of possible violations, but some of the more common ones include the following:

  • Underage drinking
  • Hazing
  • Drug possession
  • Sexual misconduct

If your child is accused of violating their school’s code of conduct, he or she will likely be called to attend a hearing about disciplinary actions that can be taken against them. Whatever is decided can have a major impact on your child’s future. You need the experience of a Maryville college student representation attorney who knows what happens at these hearings.

Possible Collateral Damage For Code Of Conduct Violations

The possible collateral damage for code of conduct violations can be immense now and later in life. A dim future could include difficulty enrolling in another college or university, trouble finding gainful employment, and even difficulty obtaining student loans or other types of financing. You could have athletic or other types of scholarships revoked, student loans revoked, be kicked out of school, banned from the campus for life, and much more. Aside from the educational and professional difficulties, you might lose friends and family members who no longer wish to associate with you because of your behavior.

Criminal Defense Issues On Campus

Misconduct does not end with disciplinary action handed down by your college student’s institution of higher learning. Many schools report misconduct or criminal behavior to the local authorities. If this is the case, your student can be faced with an arrest and criminal charges in an instant. There are times when a criminal case can run congruently with a college disciplinary hearing.

A college student in this predicament should seek the legal assistance of an attorney who can handle both the criminal case and the college disciplinary case. Even if the charge facing your student seems minor, it should never be taken lightly. A conviction of even a minor crime can have a major impact on how your student finishes their college education and how they move forward with employment.

If convicted of a state misdemeanor, your college student can wind up facing time in jail, fines, and probation. Felony convictions could lead to the removal from school, the inability to obtain employment, loss of scholarships or financial aid, and even removal from athletic teams and Greek life. At Shepherd & Long, we represent college students accused of the following:

The criminal courts in Tennessee do not offer leniency for criminal acts committed by young offenders. College students are old enough to understand the consequences of their decisions and the courts will still levy the same harsh fines and penalties as they would any other adult.

Protect The Rights Of Your College Student By Contacting A Maryville Defense Attorney Today

Moving away from home for the first time is not easy. Many students have trouble adjusting to college life and their new-found freedom. This often turns into citations for underage drinking, theft, and other violations of their school’s code of conduct. Other common college crimes include rape, assault, destruction of property, and drug possession to name a few. If your college student was charged with a crime while in school, contact the experienced East Tennessee criminal defense attorneys at Shepherd & Long to schedule a consultation. Call our office at 865-383-3118 or fill out our contact form today.