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Estate Planning Attorney Lenoir City, Tennessee

In a constantly evolving world, there’s only one thing that will never change – death. Thinking about your death and leaving behind those you love is never easy. However, ensuring that your estate is in order after you die is one of the most important things you can do.

The truth is that once a person dies, disputes often arise as to who gets what, which can cause a rift between family members. Fortunately, you can prevent this with the help of an experienced estate planning attorney in Lenoir City, Tennessee.

We will ensure no grey areas so your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Contact Shepherd & Long at 865-383-3118 to learn more about our services. We will work with you to draft a plan to honor your wishes.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is developing a comprehensive and legally enforceable plan for managing, distributing, and preserving your possessions, real estate, and affairs in the case of death or incapacity.

Estate planning aims to ensure that your wishes are implemented and that the people you love are cared for. It entails drafting numerous legal documents and considering financial, family, and personal concerns.

Who Needs An Estate Plan?

Although estate planning is often considered an endeavor of the wealthy, nothing could be further from the truth. You need an estate plan if you own any assets, no matter how insignificant they seem, or if you have children.

An estate plan creates a legally enforceable plan that determines what will happen to your children and how your property will be distributed when you are no longer around.

It not only prevents disputes but can also help your loved ones avoid probate and ensure a seamless transfer of wealth.

Why You Need An Estate Planning Attorney 

Hiring an estate planning attorney may just be one of the best things you ever do to secure the financial future of the ones you love. If you have a complex estate comprising several different investment types, businesses or assets, an experienced attorney can help you distribute these assets in a way that best meets your goals and wishes.

Moreover, an attorney brings a wealth of legal knowledge to the table and can help you ensure that your estate plan complies with property and tax regulations and myriad other local, state and federal laws that may apply.

By enlisting the help of an experienced lawyer, you will also have the assurance that there are no errors in your plan and that your wishes will indeed be honored when you are no longer around.

The Services We Offer

Having a reliable legal advisor on your side is invaluable regarding estate planning. At Shepherd & Long, we provide personalized services. Here’s what you can expect when you choose to work with us:

  • Drafting of your will – We will draft a legal document to help you distribute your assets after death.
  • Setting up trusts – A trust can minimize tax implications and cater to your needs. Our legal team will guide you through the complexities of trust funds and ensure that you choose the best option.
  • Advanced healthcare directives – If you become incapacitated, you should still have control over the decisions that are made concerning your health. We will help you put directives in place that enforce your right to choose.
  • Power of attorney – Designating a power of attorney to handle matters when incapacitated is essential, especially if you own a business. You can count on us to guide you through the process.

We also offer consultations to help you make sound decisions about your family’s future. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Why Choose Shepherd & Long For Your Estate Plan? 

Selecting a trustworthy legal representative is critical when preparing for a future in which you will not be present.

At Shepherd & Long, we understand the importance of estate planning and will stop at nothing to ensure your goals are met.

Working with our legal experts offers numerous advantages, including gaining access to our in-depth knowledge of Tennessee’s legal framework. You can count on us to help you navigate the complexities of local, state, and federal laws and ensure that your estate plan adheres to all relevant legislation.

Contact Us Today To Learn More

The truth is that tomorrow is never guaranteed, so it’s important not to delay when planning for your family’s future. To get started, contact us at 865-383-3118, and we will gladly walk you through your options and help you devise an estate plan that best meets your goals and objectives.