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Estate Planning Attorney Knoxville, Tennessee

No one enjoys talking about their death, but death is a sobering reality we must face. Unfortunately, few understand the implications of not investing in proper estate planning to ensure their loved ones are cared for when they are no longer available.

The truth is that there are tax implications to think about, guardians to appoint if you have children and more issues that require your attention. Without the proper directives in place, disputes could cause your family members to suffer.

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What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the act of putting your finances and assets in order so that your final wishes are carried out, and the people you love are taken care of.

Important choices must be made about administering and distributing your assets, determining guardians for young children, laying out healthcare priorities, and lowering taxes and costs.

The truth is that responsible financial management includes estate planning as a key component. Without a carefully thought-out estate plan, your possessions and intentions could be the subject of conflict.

You can find a reliable estate planning attorney in Knoxville, Tennessee, at Shepherd & Long to help you organize your affairs.

Estate Planning Services We Provide In Knoxville, Tennessee

We provide many estate planning strategies and tools to help you create a comprehensive plan.

Our team will guide you through drafting wills, establishing a trust, and setting out advanced healthcare directives. In addition, we can also assist with more complex matters such as charitable giving, tax planning, asset protection, business succession, and more.

Whether you are a simpleton hoping to secure your family’s future or the owner of an empire who needs to safeguard its many assets, you can rest assured that we are equipped to address your needs effectively.

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Why Should You Choose Shepherd & Long?

There’s no doubt that finding a reliable attorney is paramount when planning for a future in which we will no longer be around. Why should you choose our law firm in Knoxville, Tennessee, to assist with your estate planning needs?

Working with Shepherd & Long has several advantages, including our comprehensive understanding of Tennessee’s legal system. The laws governing estate planning might differ from one state to another, so it is crucial to hire a local lawyer familiar with Tennessee’s unique laws.

Our attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of the state’s tax, property, and probate laws, allowing us to create comprehensive estate plans that comply with all the relevant legal regulations.

Furthermore, you can count on us for open and transparent communication and know that your needs, goals and preferences are our priority.

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When it comes time to secure your financial legacy and the future of the ones nearest and dearest to you, you can trust the knowledge and commitment of our team to ensure that your wishes are respected.

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