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Probate Attorney Knoxville, Tennessee

When a loved one dies, family members are often left with more than just grief. There’s the issue of dealing with the wealth and possessions they have left behind.

Although this may seem simple, it’s often overwhelming and complex, so having an experienced probate attorney by your side in Knoxville, Tennessee, is so important. With our guidance, you can face this difficult time with assurance and peace of mind.

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Understanding Probate In Knoxville, Tennessee

Probate is a legal procedure in which the deceased’s estate is settled, and their wealth and assets are distributed.

It entails several legal and administrative processes, such as validating the will (if there is one), locating and documenting the estate’s assets, paying off liabilities and taxes, and allocating the remaining assets to beneficiaries. The probate court usually supervises this process to ensure it is carried out according to legal regulations.

Unfortunately, the reality is that probate laws and processes can be complex and vary from one state to another. A probate attorney in Knoxville, Tennessee, possesses in-depth knowledge of the local probate laws and regulations and understands the intricacies of the probate process.

You can count on us to remain up to date with any changes and to navigate the legal requirements, ensuring that all the necessary paperwork is filed correctly and that the deadlines for filing are met.

About Shepherd & Long

Our Knoxville, Tennessee, probate attorneys combine legal knowledge with an extensive understanding of the local probate court structure and procedures.

From the beginning, you can count on our legal team’s individualized attention, honesty, and dedication. By addressing the legal complexity on your behalf, we hope to lessen the strain of the probate process and free you up to concentrate on what matters — taking care of yourself and your loved ones during this trying time.

The Probate Services We Offer In Knoxville, Tennessee

At Shepherd & Long, we understand the intricacies of the probate process and are committed to ensuring that our clients have the support they require. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  1. Reliable Estate Administration

We help executors carry out their duties, such as collecting and evaluating assets, notifying beneficiaries, paying bills and taxes, and allocating assets per a will’s instructions or the relevant laws.

  1. Handling Will Contests 

Our experienced probate attorneys will represent your interests whether you’re trying to uphold or dispute a will in situations where there are disagreements or objections to the legitimacy of a will.

  1. Representing Our Clients in Probate Court

In cases involving disputed claims, breaches of fiduciary duty, or disagreements between beneficiaries, we vigorously defend our clients in probate court. We strive to settle issues quickly and favorably.

  1. Presenting the Best Probate Alternatives

Depending on the situation, we investigate alternatives to the standard probate process to help simplify it.

You can count on us for sound legal advice and professional administration. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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