When seeking a divorce from your partner, you have two choices: uncontested or contested.

Contested Divorce Lawyers

An uncontested divorce happens when you, as a couple, can reach an agreement on the distribution of your belongings, time with your children and alimony. Divorce is in no way easy, no matter how amicable, but this is an excellent choice for people who want to move on without a fight.

A contested divorce occurs when a couple can’t reach an agreement on how they will divide elements of their marriage, and need legal help to create a fair split. When a case is contested, we advocate strongly for our clients so that they can obtain the best outcome possible.

The attorneys at Shepherd & Associates, P.C. are experienced, dedicated and capable of helping you reach closure. You can be rest assured knowing that our team of attorneys serving Maryville, TN and Knoxville, TN will handle your case with care.

When You Choose Contested Divorce

There are 15 grounds for divorce according to the Tennessee Domestic Relations Legislation. An uncontested divorce is an option for people who split-up because of irreconcilable differences. When you are dealing with a more severe situation like cruel treatment, violence or infidelity, you should pursue a contested divorce.

What Is A Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce is often pursued by people experiencing more serious marital issues, who don’t want to separate amicably and can’t reach an agreement on property division.

However, you need to be aware that a contested divorce will mean that your personal life will become a public affair. The other party and their legal support will review your phone records, financial records, browsing history and so on. Every email, text message, or website you visited can and will be used as evidence against you if it supports your spouse’s case.

If you expect to pursue a contested divorce, you should get a lawyer that can ensure your protection from these scenarios.

Our legal team is always on a mission to defend our clients’ interests but also to avoid conflict and end on a more positive note. Often, however, the other party wants to play dirty or aggressively, which is when you need an equally aggressive lawyer in your corner.

However, for the purposes of your future peace, we always look into the details of your situation to determine if a peaceable, uncontested divorce is possible. If it is, we will advise you to take this path. If not, our experience and knowledge will protect you in the court and help you reach the resolution that you want.

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Contested Divorce Lawyers At Shepherd & Long, PC 

Family Law, especially divorce, requires sensitivity and a more personalized approach. A contested divorce is one of the most emotional areas of Family Law, and as such, needs an expert, hands-on approach. Here at Shepherd & Long, PC, our divorce lawyers offer just that.

The first thing on our agenda is to try to find a peaceful solution while achieving favorable results. However, if the other party is not willing to agree, or if you don’t want to end amicably for personal reasons, we will dedicate all of our time to help you win.

When contested divorce proceedings start, we will begin by being friendly and trying to calm the situation down, but at the first sign of aggressiveness from the other side, we will defend your position and attack back just as aggressively, whether in the courtroom or at the mediation table.

So, when you need a divorce attorney in Maryville, TN or Knoxville, Tennessee, call Shepherd & Long, PC With more than forty years of collective divorce proceedings experience, our team will have your back.

After The Divorce

After tiring and stressful mediations, courtroom proceedings, fighting, and expenses, you would think that you will finally catch a break.

Unfortunately, the divorce is not over when you finally sign those papers.

You will probably need enforcements and modifications, custody help and more. This part is often equally stressful for people who have a contested or uncontested divorce.

With our help, this process will go smoothly, and you could end up with favorable results as well. Then, your post-divorce vacation can start.

We can help with various legal needs concerning divorce:

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • A contested or uncontested divorce
  • Child custody
  • Alimony
  • Modifications related to custody and other agreements
  • Property Division

Also, any other divorce-related services you might need.

Expert Divorce Attorneys 

When you decide to get a divorce, even when it is amicably, issues will arise. When that happens, you don’t need someone to offer only legal advice or only understanding and patience. It would be best if you had both. Here at Shepherd & Long, PC we can give you that.

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